Choosing a litter for your old cat

As cats age, a host of feline health problems can occur, including diabetes.

“Diabetes is a common problem in older cats,” said Dr. Kenton Barbe, an accredited veterinarian. “They produce a larger volume of urine, and it tends to have a stronger odor.” This is due to the fact that cats, in relation to humans, cannot regulate their glucose levels as well. Also, it would become paramount to stop cat from marking with urine.

Therefore, older cats with diabetes need to have their litter cleaned more frequently. For this reason, some older cat owners realize that they need a more effective range-the one that stops the strong odors, manages a high volume of urine and can be easily dug and cleaned.

An alternative is a natural litter like Sweat scoop, a clumping litter that is made from wheat processed naturally. Through a patented process, its natural enzymes work to eliminate, rather than mask, litter odors – even the additional unpleasant odors associated with diabetic cats.

Natural wheat starches in Sweat scoop form firm Tufts for easy cleaning. And since each pellet absorbs the liquid like a sponge, the litter stays dry more.

Because Sweat scoop is without clay, the tufts can be easily thrown into the toilet without harming sewer systems or a pit, removing the unpleasant task of eliminating litter waste in the trash every day.

And for older cats that may have the most sensitive respiratory systems, it is also 100 percent fragrance-free and chemical-free.

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