Hard Drive Stopped Working

There are only a few blogs on the net that tell you what to do when a hard drive stops working and below are some examples of enquiries from people with hard drive in this situation.

Since the drop, the drive is not usable. It can be found in windows gadget supervisor effectively furthermore is viewed as a gadget in Linux however can’t be mounted and the savvy points of interest demonstrate a high reallocated segment check.

There’s no awful clamors originating from it and it appears to turn up joyfully when associated it just won’t mount for reasons unknown.

He’d truly get a kick out of the chance to get the information off it, is this something that you think you’ll have the capacity to give?

I comprehend that you can’t promise it, however a thought of if it’s conceivable and a cost would be valued.

The harddrive twists and powers up fine however no information can be perused and is not recognized in the framework bios. I have attempted on two unique machines. I can hear a slight snap in the drive and my dad in law moved the machine while running so may have thumped something strange marginally. none of the information is moved down. .

Drive began clicking quickly and the read speed lessened and driven began hanging. I ran a surface sweep which demonstrated some awful pieces around 200, then after a reboot the drive won’t mount or appear by any stretch of the imagination. it is a seagate barracuda 3TB organized hfs+ and i have a 3tb substitution drive prepared

I have the hard drive from an old dell portable workstation that i might want to get to.

My Western Digital portable hard plate has sound and it can not be perused when it was associated with the PC. I attempted on various PCs however all the same.

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