My Pheromone Assumptions

Pheromones touches on attraction for sure, Stage 4 really kicks it in. I haven’t been this horny since time time last year when I was around the same stage on SM3. I’m talking explosive sex pheromone attraction. Last year I was walking around with boners in the morning, day and night. I wanted it to stop, but when Pherazone killed it I wanted it back. I’m working on turning a girl I put in the pheromones zone – to the bang zone. It seems to be working nicely. I’m using franco’s suggestions like I always do. I can tell the conversation has turned from friendly to interested. We were supposed to hook up a while ago, but back in the day when I was ‘beta’ I didn’t have the pheromones to transition to human pheromones. No idea what went wrong tonight. I had game, but no results. It was like I didnt exist even though I made an impact everywhere I went with starting pheromone attraction. I guess we all have nights like these. I always wanted to get a spiritual girl, one that is down to earth and natural. If you read my previous journals you would have seen this with true pheromones scents. And so it seems that I have generated THREE in my life without me even realizing as my imagination had different looks. Learn more at One is the friend that I am trying to convert to a fuck buddy, I known her since the first AM6/SM3 run. The other one is a work mate (she is a manager pssht) which when she talks to me giggles at every single thing I say. I have only heard her laughing at things which are funny from other people (other than one other dude, which I think is on a similar level but much more emo/grumpy). The last one is a shop keeper of an organic shop I go to all the time with pheromone signals. I had two girls chasing me all over the club on Saturday night. Was interesting to see Close to the end of stage 4 and it seems that the SM programming is starting to pull together. -Boners are rock hard and back -Girls chasing me -Girls laughing at things that I’m saying that aren’t even funny -Relaxed talking to girls and guys . I haven’t banged anyone new for at lease a couple of months. Though I’m working on a few at the moment that should turn out well – including converting a friend into a FB. I started listening to overcome approach anxiety for men a couple days ago, just during the night, and I wake up completly tired, have you experienced this yourself, with any of the pheromone colognes? So you did AM6, then AoS, then back to AM6? I assume you’re doing the version up on TPbz? Or did you just happen to have 500 bucks lying around? I’m asking because I’m trying out Pherazone myself (now on day 8), and I’m just wondering if that morality clause has any pheromone effect. Learn more at and

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