No Media, No Data

My usb harddrive when connected lights constantly which it has never done before. then the USB drive is not working but in the disk management is appearing as an empty disk drive, Disk Management reports “No Media” with 0 bytes size. i have/had (hoping still have) really important files there and is it possible to recover them

Drive failed while trying to copy from drive to another drive. Windows could no longer detect the drive. I think the drive is 3TB in total but is by no means full. Content of the drive is important personally. Broken USB inside the Portable hard drive so unable to access data.

My brother has managed to snap his phone so the main board is kaput. is it still possible that you can recover the data?

My iPhone was freezing on the apple screen so I tried resetting it but this did not help. I then tried updating it using iTunes as advised on the Apple website but this also did not work, an error message occurred stating that it has to be restored to factory settings. I have not backed up my phone in a while, is there a way to fix it without losing all my data?

I have an hitachi hard drive in my laptop which has stopped working. My laptop still recognises it but windows won’t load. It has my family photos on for the past twelve years so is very important to me. Is it possible to get the data from it?

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