Paper lanterns – the patterns

When it belongs to the Oriental culture, you can surely understand the influence of animals and the popular folklore items to be found in their products. So, when paper lanterns, an efficient export from the Chinese in the Japanese market has been making its way to the American shores, you can only expect and understand the necessity of having animals adorned in them. So, in most of the paper lanterns, you have imprints of dragons, or the visualization of some other animals to be found in the paper lanterns. It is not shady in nature; rather it shows a cultural well-being that is definitely something that most of the people can aspire for.

Culture is something that is held in high regard in China. So, having the imprints of dragons as a lot of other animals like the monkey in the paper lanterns is a usual affair, and not something exotic. However, for the American population, this is definitely something that they could possibly relate to directly proportionally becoming exotic in nature. There are a wide variety of patterns to be found in paper lanterns, and a quick sift through the products can help you come across a lot of them.

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